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Jill Walker

It is often the most mundane and familiar objects from our childhood that have the power to re-awaken our memories, perhaps this is why we hold on to them long after they have outlived their usefulless.

We hoard, store, place and contain these objects in our adult homes and with the time graft on new layers of meaning. These personal treasures gather new memories and associations as they travel with us through our lives.

Through careful positioning, alteration and layering of personal imagery I create small-scale assemblages that explore the idea of objects as carriers of memory and narrative.

These artworks seek to create a sense of the hidden and uncanny that emerges through the containment and placement of disparate objects and images. Hand-built ceramic pieces are combined with intricate wirework to construct cage-like forms that house found materials, and wire bird structures inhabit salvaged objects.

The qualities of the found objects that I select are very important to me. Items of provenance with an aged, fragile and delicate patina are what I am drawn to and try to replicate in my ceramic and wirework.

In recent bodies of work I have been inspired by things we choose to keep as tokens of remembrance, the kind of personal treasure that reminds us of people and places from our childhood. With reference to fairy stories, rhymes, toys and folklore I create odd juxtapositions to suggest the unsettling nature of these mundane objects and the way they stir our memories. Birds, as referenced in folklore, are also a recurring motif, for me they are custodians, keepers and protectors of our memories and personal stories.